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The Numbers

Asking Price



$5,000 in inventory,

$50,000 in equipment,

$28,800 in franchise fee,

$250,000 in store renovations


24,999 or below  0%

25,000 – 29,999  2%

30,000 – 39,999  4% 

40,000 – 49,999  6%

50,000 and above  8%

Franchise Advantage

Who Are We Looking For?

At GLOW TEA, we seek passionate and committed individuals or entities who are eager to spread the love for premium tea and embrace the values that our brand represents.

Franchise Requirements

Prospective Franchisees must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for a GLOW TEA franchise:

  • Net Worth Requirement: $250K

  • Liquid Capital Available for Investment: $150K

  • Ready to commence development within the next 3-6 months.

  • Must operation the store directly.

Franchise Support

GLOW TEA is steadfast in ensuring operational excellence across all locations, offering our franchise partners a wealth of resources and tailored support for sustained growth and success.

Support provided to our franchise partners encompasses:

  • Location Scouting & Acquisition

  • Design & Establishment

  • Comprehensive Training Modules

  • Day-to-Day Operational Assistance

  • Menu Crafting & Product Innovation

  • Strategic Brand Promotion

  • Supplier & Equipment Guidance

  • Customized POS Integration

  • Membership System Incorporation

  • Launch & Inauguration Assistance

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