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  • Top 10 best food vendors in WA State Fair 2022 - 2023

  • Best Dessert Award – Taste of NW 2022

  • Best Sellers – Bite of Seattle 2023

  • Best Food Vendor – Taste of Tacoma 2019

Glow Tea is Your Best Investment

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Why Running Event-Based Operations?

  • No fixed costs.

  • No need for permanent staff.

  • Events typically occur on weekends, allowing you to maintain a full-time job.

  • Work just a few months per year and a few days per month for substantial earnings.


Glow Tea
Other Vendors

Why consider franchise Glow Tea instead of starting a new brand for events?

  • Many events are invitation-only.

  • Experience is required for open events.

  • Not every food vendor turns a profit.

  • Branding and packaging design are key.

  • SOP and health code knowledge is essential.

Seattle – Tacoma Food Events Operational rights

  • Bite of Seattle

  • Bite of Tacoma

  • Taste of NW

  • Seattle Street Food Fest,

  • Chinatown markets

  • Pride Fest,

  • Folklife,

  • U district street fair,

  • Fremont Fair,

  • Bellevue 4th

  • Kent Cornucopia Days

  • Seafood Fest

  • Bellevue Fair BAM,

  • SeaFair

  • Tacoma Summer Fest

  • SALMON DAYS Issaquah

The Numbers

Asking Price



$5,000 in inventory,

$50,000 in equipment,

$28,800 in franchise fee,

$250,000 in store renovations


24,999 or below  0%

25,000 – 29,999  2%

30,000 – 39,999  4% 

40,000 – 49,999  6%

50,000 and above  8%

Franchise Advantage

Who Are We Looking For?

At GLOW TEA, we seek passionate and committed individuals or entities who are eager to spread the love for premium tea and embrace the values that our brand represents.

Franchise Requirements

Prospective Franchisees must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for a GLOW TEA franchise:

  • Net Worth Requirement: $250K

  • Liquid Capital Available for Investment: $100K

  • Applicants must own a house.

  • Ready to commence development within the next 3-6 months.

  • Must operate ALL events directly.

Meeting these requirements is essential for those looking to become part of the GLOW TEA franchise family and embark on a successful business venture.

Franchise Support

GLOW TEA is steadfast in ensuring operational excellence across all locations, offering our franchise partners a wealth of resources and tailored support for sustained growth and success.

Support provided to our franchise partners encompasses:

  • Seattle-Tacoma Events Operation Rights

  • Design & Establishment

  • Comprehensive Training Modules

  • Day-to-Day Operational Assistance

  • Menu Crafting & Product Innovation

  • Strategic Brand Promotion

  • Supplier & Equipment Guidance

  • Customized POS Integration

  • Membership System Incorporation

  • Launch & Inauguration Assistance

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